Important Pre-Pregnancy Health

All women know the importance of good health during pregnancy. But all of them may not know that it is equally important to maintain good health and overall wellbeing if they are More »

Baby Feeding Tips

Breast feeding has been proven to be the most effective way to nourish your newborn, however, with the hectic lives modern-day career women lead, breast milk isn’t always a viable option. For More »

Importance of Following Baby Care

Gain world best experience of being mother and father of baby which you had been planning since years. Now when you have your hold your baby for the first time in your More »

Key Breast Health Tips

Breast health is becoming increasingly important as more and more women risk developing breast cancer each year. Fortunately there are some informative breast health tips that you can follow to ensure that More »

Newborn Baby Health and Colic

Every new parent wants to be certain that their baby grows up healthy, but conflicting information abounds. Whether it’s well-meaning advice from grandma, an article in the latest parents’ magazine, or tips More »

Baby Feeding Tips

Breast feeding has been proven to be the most effective way to nourish your newborn, however, with the hectic lives modern-day career women lead, breast milk isn’t always a viable option. For a short while, soy milk was all the rage in certain health-conscious circles, but it’s been found that soy is deficient in three key amino acids your child needs for proper development: methionine, carnitine, and taurine. What this means for people looking for quality baby feeding tips that are best for their infants, is that while soy may seem like a healthy alternative: It isn’t natural and to make it a complete, growth-promoting formula, it would need methionine, carnitine, and taurine added to be complete.

Bottle Feeding Tips

Ask any experienced parent for baby feeding tips and the first thing they’ll tell you is to know when your baby has had enough. If they fall asleep while they’re feeding; avoid the temptation to wake them up in hopes of filling their tummy and avoiding the dreaded late night wake up call for more. If your baby awakens and

Eight Baby Care Tips

As a new mom, your days will be full of caring for your newborn. You will keep busy with feeding, tantrums, clothing, bathing, etc. This demands that you have to learn as much as possible about proper baby care. If you are a new mother or a mom-to-be, you need to know some tips in caring a baby. Here are a few such baby care tips that mothers should know:

1. Breast Feeding

Breast-feeding is an important activity that every mom should perform. Feed your baby with your breast milk, since it contains colostrums, substances needed to build a very strong immune system. Breast milk will make his or her body have good resistance and the baby will grow as a healthy child. During the breast-feeding period, make sure that you take foods that don’t cause problems in your body. While breast-feeding, a mom needs about 500 extra calories a day. Taking enough nutrition is a good way to provide your baby with healthy milk. During the breast-feeding period, try to avoid foods containing additives or food colors.

2. Bottle Feeding

Make sure that bottles that

Baby Health Products

There are many ways you can be proactive against germs and illnesses when it comes to your baby. While you do not want to keep them too sheltered from people and the outdoors, over exposure can lead to them getting sick. Dealing with an ill baby is never fun. The following are a few tips on keeping your baby well through the use of baby healthy products as well as other ideas.

Keeping cleansing wipes on hand will help you to prevent too many germs from getting to your baby. Some germs are okay to help your child build up their immune system, but you do want to make sure they are taken care of. These wipes will come in handy when their bottle or pacifier hits the floor. When dining out, you can use these baby health products to sanitize the highchair and table.

Avoid overdressing your baby. New parents may think that babies will get cold, so they layer them in two or more outfits to keep them warm. However, most infants are okay being dressed just as adults would. It is a good idea to

Important Pre-Pregnancy Health

All women know the importance of good health during pregnancy. But all of them may not know that it is equally important to maintain good health and overall wellbeing if they are planning to become pregnant. It is vital to have a healthy body to conceive a healthy fetus. By following the health tips mentioned below, a would-be mother can benefit a great deal.

Medical Check-Up For A Healthy Start

The first thing to do for a woman planning pregnancy is see a doctor for a complete physical check-up. She may be asked shed extra weight, as overweight women are prone to miscarriage. The healthcare provider may suggest incorporating some lifestyle changes in order to prepare the body for the sudden, rapid changes of pregnancy.

Certain routine tests performed in laboratories can ascertain whether the woman’s body is in a healthy condition to conceive. The doctor helps to regulate pre-existing medical conditions like diabetes, heart ailment, hypertension etc., so that the baby is not adversely affected. It is important to reduce or stop certain medicines when trying to conceive, as some medications interfere with the natural process of conception.

It is also important to

Importance of Following Baby Care

Gain world best experience of being mother and father of baby which you had been planning since years. Now when you have your hold your baby for the first time in your hand, it is the priceless moment of your life and to enjoy such moments in future you need to aware about some baby care tips. Whether it is changing eating habits of baby or changing nappy, you need to be aware about every single aspect as this would assist you in successfully bringing up your baby.

First and the foremost important tip are to keep your baby in safe environment so that it does not affect his health. When there is small baby in your house it is always essential to keep house neat and clean. Small babies are prone to get effected by unhygienic area and as due to less healing capacity they get easily affected with the germs around them. Keep your baby away from the area which is threatening.

See again if you want your baby to learn good things then just take care of the fact that everything around them happens is superior.

Moreover child has habit of intimating elders

Key Breast Health Tips

Breast health is becoming increasingly important as more and more women risk developing breast cancer each year. Fortunately there are some informative breast health tips that you can follow to ensure that your breasts remain as healthy as possible throughout your lifetime. Some of these tips can help to catch breast cancer in the earliest stages, ensuring it can be treated quickly, some may even help to prevent breast cancer altogether.

Self Examine Your Breasts

One of the most useful breast health tips is to self examine your breasts at least one per month. This is a fairly easy process that can be done by yourself or a partner in the comfort of your home. Follow these simple steps to complete a breast exam of your own.

  1. Observe your breasts in the mirror as you stand with your hands at your side. Look for any bumps or variations in their normal shape.
  2. While standing place one hand behind your head, and begin to feel firmly around the breast with your fingertips. You can do this in a circular motion, an up and down motion, or in a wedge motion, but you need to remember to do

Newborn Baby Health and Colic

Every new parent wants to be certain that their baby grows up healthy, but conflicting information abounds. Whether it’s well-meaning advice from grandma, an article in the latest parents’ magazine, or tips from friends with children, there can be any number of differing opinions as to what’s best for baby. With so many choices out there, it can be difficult to know what information is reliable, especially on the topic of colic – a problem with no single fool-proof solution.

Fortunately, even if your baby does develop colic, you can take solace in the fact that newborn baby health is not severely impacted in most cases. With so many babies having colicky symptoms at some point, doctors have developed a set of criteria that defines whether or not a baby has colic. It’s called the “rule of three” and most pediatricians refer to this rule when diagnosing excessive crying in an infant:

  1. Baby is at least 3 weeks old
  2. Baby cries for at least 3 hours at a time
  3. Crying occurs more than 3 days per week
  4. Crying pattern lasts for more than 3 weeks

This “rule of three” is the typical pattern of the colicky infant, who

Baby Health Care

Baby health care is one of the many concerns that a new mother needs to think about. A baby is a special blessing, but most mothers are unsure what they should do. Taking care of your newborn’s skin is essential since this provides the foundation of healthy adult skin. Choosing the right skin care line for your child can be confusing since there are many to choose from. Ensuring the health of your infant is truly the most important thing for any parent. There is a recent trend that suggests many parents prefer organic skin care products for their children.

Healthy skin is therefore a central part of your overall health care. Babies need appropriate light creams and baby lotion applied to the skin to keep it supple and moisturized. Caring for your child in this way is more about preventing diaper rash than preventing acne, but nonetheless, it’s an important practice. People don’t often think about the need to care for a baby’s skin, perhaps because it’s so perfect.It is especially important in the first few months. Luckily, most of these early rashes are harmless and go away on their own.

Even before your baby

Dos and Don’ts of Baby Health

Having and raising a baby is a wonderful and exciting part of life. However, baby health care is considered to be an overwhelming task by many parents. Any parent who has spent several sleepless nights and days taking care of an ill infant knows how difficult baby health care can get. Fortunately, there are many baby care products available to help parents care for their babies. If you are looking for baby care online, you’re doing the right thing. The first step to finding good solutions is to do some research.

While researching on the internet, be careful, because many internet resources may not provide the best advice or accurate information. Consult your doctor for proper advice on baby health care. This article provides a few tips to help you know what to avoid in baby products. Watch out for any of these terms on baby skin care products, and avoid them.

Baby Care Basics – Avoiding Synthetic Chemicals:

*”Added Fragrance”: Products which have added scents use synthetic petrochemical bases to instill the odors. These can be damaging to the skin.

*”Added Colors”: Be wary. Most colors are made from industrial-grade synthetic dyes. Many

Baby Delivery Tips You Should Know

Expecting mothers all want to know how they can increase their chances of having a quick, relatively painless delivery of a healthy baby. There are a few key things you can do to make the process easier on you and your baby. The most important preparation will take place in your mind.

Help Make Your Birth Easier (Always consult your doctor before attempting any routine):

1. One of the best baby delivery tips you can get is to use your mind. Practice deep meditation for months leading up to your due date. This will not only allow you to deal with the pain that comes with every childbirth, but will also help you focus and push properly when needed.

2. Practice controlled breathing daily. As the later part of your pregnancy creeps up, you’ll be ready for the contractions when they come.

3. Yoga is fast becoming one of the most recommended baby delivery tips these days. Yoga not only strengthens your body, but allows you to hone your mental focus and better control your breathing, making it a multifaceted exercise with many benefits.

4. Hire a “Doula” to ease the delivery. Most

Baby Care Tips That All Mothers

Your baby needs your special care and attention. A newborn baby is unaware of the hazards that may surround him, in one form or the other. It is you, who is supposed to look after the baby and take care of his health and safety. There are various baby care tips that you need to know and implement to have a carefree time during your child’s infancy. These baby care tips are vast in scope as they touch many different situations. Following are some of them:

Tips on baby tooth care

Most of the parents ignore baby tooth care, assuming that the early baby teeth are of not much importance or do not need much care. This is not the right assumption! Baby tooth care should start right from the birth so that it paves way for healthy gums and teeth in the long run.

In order to take a good care of your baby’s teeth, the steps given below should be conducted:

Cleaning your baby’s gums right from the time you introduce semi-solid food would help your baby have strong teeth throughout his life. Gums can be cleaned with the help of cotton

Some Important Baby Care Tips

Every new mother is in search for the best way to take care of their babies and grow them in a healthy and safe way. They take every possible measure to ensure the safety and comfort of their baby. Health is very important for every human being and health care is very important for babies as they are very delicate and very easily susceptible to infections. Here are some tips that will help them in taking care of their babies.

A good sound sleep is very important in determining the health of a baby. There are certain things to be considered that enables your little one to sleep well. If the baby is healthy, then it sleeps most of the time during the day, and it sleeps the entire night – which in turn leads to the growth of the baby. If your baby is finding it difficult to sleep, massage your baby with natural oils that have a good mild smell. Massage the body of your baby in a regular rhythmical way. This gives them a good feel and makes them comfortable to sleep. Almond oil is one such oil which is very good for the

Baby Health Problems

Baby health problems are worrying on many counts. First and foremost your concern is for your baby. You want the best for them, you want them to have the most healthy start to life you can provide. But you also need to look after you and the other members of the family.

Babies have a piercing and shrill cry for a very good reason. It ensures you notice them. But it can also leave parents exhausted and other members of the family feeling left out with all the attention going to the latest member.

You may well sympathise with your baby’s teething problems and would love to help them with the pain. The earache which keeps recurring despite repeated antibiotics is beginning to seriously concern you. The periodic fevers seem to be increasing.

Worrying though these can be, you might also be feeling the effects of months without a good night’s sleep. You may be irritable, short, distant from your partner. Life has just become too difficult, too complex. Will it ever end?

How can you do your best for your baby and for your sanity? The following tips can make your job as

Health Tips For First Time Dads

Four years ago the National Fatherhood Initiative surveyed more than 700 U.S. dads about their perspectives on fathering.

A scant 54 percent of the dads said they had felt adequately prepared for the role.

This one’s for you first time dads feeling less confident: 35 health tips for the first year of fatherhood. Brother, can you spare some butt paste?

Debrief the delivery. “We think we’re doing a good job in the labor-and-delivery room of explaining things, but we deliver hundreds of babies,” says Kaiser Permanente Colorado OB/Gyn Kim Warner, MD. “Our explanations may not sink in the first time.” Follow up on any and all lingering questions about the birth process.

Carry car seats close to your body. When lugging junior around in his baby seat, hold the seat as close to your torso as possible. This will engage your back muscles in addition to your arms, and you won’t tire as quickly.

Limit your child’s exposure to the sun. REALLY limit exposure until the infant is at least 6 months old. After 6 months, limit direct exposure to 20 minutes-and not without a hat, pants, long-sleeved shirt and sunscreen (SPF 15 or higher). Sunburn

Baby Care Tips For You

What baby care tips are essential for you and your newborn??

The mother of a baby is the busiest person on earth, and these baby care tips are designed to put a little order and routine back into your day to day routine. In no time at all, these baby care tips will become second nature for you and your baby helping you to get back to a somewhat ‘normal’ life.

Breastfeeding Baby Care

There is, has and always will be a lot of controversy on breastfeeding depending on where you live in the world. In some countries it’s the norm and most people would not bat an eyelid if they saw a mother sit down in a restaurant and start to breastfeed her baby. In other countries such as the UK and the US, surprisingly and quite sadly, breastfeeding is frowned upon by many. I personally breastfed both my children and though I made a point of being discreet, I valued my right to feed my child where, when and how I chose to.

However, I also appreciated the fact that I was lucky to be able to breastfeed as I know many

Baby Health Tips and Advice

When children are born, their immune system is normally not so strong. This is the reason why most of them are very vulnerable to many different kinds of sicknesses. Therefore, there is need for the parents to take extra care of their babies to ensure that they do not get sick all the time.

One of the most important things that you should know is children’s vaccines. There are a number of vaccines which you must ensure that your child gets. At birth, the baby should be given the first Hepatitis B vaccine. The second dose is given at least a month later. When the infant is two months old, the following vaccines should be administered: Rotavirus, DTaP, Haemophilus influenzae (HiB), Pneumococcal Conjugate and the inactivated poliovirus vaccines. You can make the shots less by having combination vaccines.

Follow up doses of the age 2 months vaccines are given at four and six months. The other vaccines that are administered after two months include chicken pox vaccine, Hepatitis A vaccine and the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine. Vaccines do not cost a lot and in some instances, they are given for free.

Skin care is also an important

Baby Care Tips

Most of the time when people talk about Baby Care Tips what they mean is health care tips for the baby. Everyone has some particular personal wisdom to impart from their child-rearing days. They want to be sure you benefit from their experience. That is not bad. Just listen carefully, some of what they say is not appropriate for today.

Many people continue to use vasoline petroleum jelly for a variety of baby care needs. Honestly, it did not kill us. But  we know more about petroleum products now than we did when many of my siblings were babies. Today petro products are not often recommended for baby care. Your baby’s skin is still developing. You can find many more gentle products available for natural baby care.

If you are a new parent and have never held a baby before, be gentle . Give your baby support from top to bottom. Your baby’s neck muscles are not strong enough to support the weight of her own head yet, so do not let her head fall back. You can ask the health care people at the hospital to coach you so you are not yanking the infant

Baby Health Information

When it comes to your baby, health information is some of the most important stuff that you need to pay attention to. If you are a new parent, there are probably lots of little tips and tricks that you will soon learn. But, to help you get started, here are three important bits of information concerning your baby’s health that you might not have known before.

Keep your baby warm, but not too warm

Dr. William Sears, a father of eight children and a practicing pediatrician for over 30 years, advises new parents all the time. He says that many parents try to keep their baby too warm. A young child does not need to be at a temperature much higher than room temperature. Over-bundling your child can lead to a lot of health problems – foremost, overheating can lead to the disruption of a baby’s neurological systems. This could cause your baby to stop breathing or to slow breathing to the point where brain damage might actually occur.

You should also be careful to keep your baby at a constant temperature. A baby’s brain does not react well to abrupt changes in temperature. So,

Baby Health Tips Every Mother Should

How to take care of minor problems.


The end of the cord will fall off in a couple of weeks after birth.

Until it falls off, keep it clean and dry.

Keep diaper below cord so that the cord stays dry.

Dab with alcohol on a cotton swab 1-2 times each day.

Call your baby’s health care giver if it looks red, irritated, bleeds or oozes, or
has a bad odor.


A circumcision should heal in 7-10 days.

If the tip of the penis is irritated by the diaper, put a little bit of petroleum jelly
on the irritated area each time you change the diaper.


Change diapers often.

Wash baby’s bottom with soap and warm water at each change.

Use zinc oxide paste or diaper rash cream on irritated areas.


Leave baby’s diaper area uncovered for a few hours each day. (Place several
folded cloth diapers under baby.)

Use zinc oxide or diaper rash cream on irritated areas after washing.


If you are breastfeeding,

Baby Health Tips

When you are a first time parent, being responsible for another human being is a fairly daunting prospect! It is difficult to know when you are just being a slightly over protective parent and when you really do need to call in medical assistance for your baby. If your baby is very ill and has difficulty in breathing has a very high temperature, is vomiting or defecating excessively, having convulsions or passing blood then you certainly need to call a doctor. Similarly if he is weak and has no energy you may wish to check with a professional. However, in most cases you will be able to simply treat minor problems yourself. Here are a few of the most common baby health issues and tips about treating them.

Caring For A Newborns Umbilical Cord

When your baby comes home, he will still have a part of the umbilical cord attached to his belly button. This will all off within a few weeks. However, it can become infected so until it does drop off you should take care to keep it clean and dry. It is recommended that you gently dab the area once or twice a