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What You Need to Know in Buying AA Coins.

AA coins are token given to people who have joined alcoholism anonymous groups. The coins have a lot of meaning to this people and you should not just buy them blindly when you are a recovering addict. One of the major factors you have to bear in mind when getting the coins is the color. You need to get a color that is not going to make your anxious. By the virtue of what the coins stand for, you can decide to stare at them during the times when the urge to take alcohol is high and besides calming your nerves, the coin will be a reminder of the mission so that you can continue remaining true to your word. The quality of the material used in making the coin is a crucial issue too. It is very important for you to buy a coin made from a great material to avoid future breakdowns. You will not waste a lot of money in the coin purchase and you can use the age of the coin to remind yourself of the distance you have traveled in the sobriety journey.

You should consider the initial cost of the coin and avoid forced buying. Business people will always have no regard for ethics if they are driven by money and some will use your situation to get more cash at your expense. Actually, run away from anyone who wants you to make the purchase in the shortest time possible. You need to make the purchase at your own time when you are ready and not because someone else thinks you need to. Make sure the person you are buying the coin from is a trusted dealer especially if you have never dealt with him or her before. If you do not know where to go, you can ask the person who run the group you are in. Avoid dealing with people who make negative remarks about alcoholism because they will end up making you feel inadequate and this might send you back to drinking again. Alcoholism is a disease no matter how many people do not agree with this and it takes people who have actually struggled with the condition to understand that.

Buying the coin is not the end and you need to keep up with its requirements. One of the beauties of having the coins is that you may sell them after years of owning them when you are confident f your recovery. Do not take chances with your coin because something that you got for help might end up offering even material gains in future if you hold something rare.
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